Dangerously in Love, how much is too much?

On January 23rd of 2015,

My best friend and I had made plans to hangout; I have known my Best friend for seven years, she has been the most incredible person to me and is truly like a sister to me. We went to middle school through high school together and went our separate ways in college, but manage to at least hangout once or twice a week if our schedules are not too hectic, but we have managed to stay sisters ever since.

We have dealt with the many bitches in our lives, the many men as well as dealing with the problems our private lives seem to throw at us, but we always, manage to be there for each other and support each other in whatever we do. As we hung out on Friday, we went to California Pizza Kitchen, which I highly recommend to try but sad to say that the prices are a bit too high for my taste, we discussed the many problems we face with boys at this very millennia.

As we discussed the ongoing cycles, frustrations, and emotional drainage we tend to experience with the same types of men (little boys) we deal with, I began to remember an episode from my most favorite series, “Sex and the City,” starring Sarah Jessica parker as Carrie Bradshaw (whom I love so much and worship, and that she is a downright amazing genius!) and Cynthia Nixon who plays one of Carries good friends as Miranda (whom I refer to as my best friend because the character just goes downright fabulous with her). Back to the episode, which was the episode finale of season two, where Carrie and Big (whom Carrie is in love with, but can’t seem to get his life together because he is unsure about relationships and only seems to care about himself) meet up again after their break up, where Big seems to surprise her with the news of getting engaged and married to a woman whose name is Natasha (who is half his age, more like 26 and has known her for only six months in comparison of knowing and dating Carrie for more than two years). Obviously, Carrie is heartbroken and is soothed by her companions with the idea of the movie of, “The Way We Were,” starring Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand who plays a very powerful couple with different point of views in life but are very mad in love, they soon separate and he then finds a very simple minded woman with not so high standards as well as a voice in comparison to Streisand’s character; The moral of the story is that Hubbell loved Streisand’s character but felt that it was too much to deal with because she was not passive and stood strongly to what she believed in as well as her morals, whereas he went with the other woman due to her simplicity and passiveness, and for the fact that she was easier to deal with. That is why Mr. Big decided to marry Natasha, because she was easy to deal with rather than Carrie who was just like Streisand’s character (strong willed, obtained a voice and set high standards).

I had come to the conclusion with my best friend that we are Carrie Bradshaw’s, because we have strong morals, high standards, are not passive, and we have a voice in everything we believe and do. The men we have had in our lives are Mr. Big’s, and although Carrie and Big get married in the, “Sex and the City,” movie after TEN YEARS, how much is too much when we deal with the John James Preston’s (Big) in our lives?

Should we have to wait ten years for these men to make up their minds in whether they want to be with us or not alike Carrie?

My answer is NO. For the women who are a different and newly improved Carrie Bradshaw’s (just like my best friend and I), who are strong willed, obtain a voice, and are beautiful for who they truly are (not saying Carrie Bradshaw was never any of those, because she was and is still fabulous) do not need to wait for a man, never the less to even have one in their lives. You have the love of your families, friends, loved ones, and yourself because that’s all and whoever you’re ever going to need. And if one day, a man (who knows what he wants) finds you and loves you for who you are and supports in everything you believe in, then God Bless you! Not every male on this planet is the douchebag like John James Preston (before he married Carrie), because there possibly is wonderful guys out there, I’m only speaking of the not so wonderful ones 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this. And I hope to not offend anyone at all with this specific blog.

Love and Sunshine,

Paulina Mejia



Sorry for the delay in blogging lovelies!

Life has been hectic these past two days with work and school (A.K.A: five hours of homework per day) but today has been and odd but very inspirational day for myself.

As I worked my job today, (sales associate at Windsor) I had made over five hundred to six hundred dollars in sales, which means I had helped many customers purchase one hundred to two hundred dollars’ worth of clothing materials during my five hour shift and honestly I could care less if I black dotted or gold starred for the week, meaning my ass won’t get fired for being a shitty employee, but cared for the fact that I helped many people shop for the occasions they were attending. I helped these lovely older women who were shopping for a Gala in which one of them who presented themselves as masculine, and powered was actually one of the main managers who ran the gala and the other lady was a friend in which she did numerous interviews on and actually was the star of the night. They purchased one hundred to two hundred dollars’ worth of items and was inspired because the gala was actually for the word of Pomona Valley Hospital in California and the star of the night had open heart surgery. Now you’re probably asking why that inspired me, was only because this women had such a traumatic surgery performed on her, and she was the happiest, humblest, and hilarious woman that was glad to be alive (second to my grandmother).

I received an email today from a history professor claiming that an assignment I turned in that was due for the week didn’t meet the requirements (I talked too much in my essay) and received a grade that I was unhappy with, especially if it was a class that I was majoring in. I only say this story because life had seriously been hectic for myself these past two weeks and honestly it had affected me physically and emotionally to the point where it affected my schooling, which in my world of Paulina Mejia is unacceptable and dammit I needed to get my shit together.

This week is a new week and I had promised and challenged myself to stay focused in everything I believed in, to school, work, my family and friends and most importantly myself. Everyone has bad days and good days, challenges and weaknesses, it’s the only question of learning and getting back up from your fallen mistakes and kicking ass the next day.

The only person stopping you from doing is you, is yourself?

I challenge you all to tell yourself that this is a new week, and that the bad days are over and in the past. You have the right and power to start over new, to make changes within your lives and the world as well, and that no matter what you’re going through you are never alone and that you can overcome anything. I spoke of that older lady because she had gone through so much tougher shit than I had been going through and honestly she is as happy as can be to live another day.

Be thankful and grateful that you are living, and use your time, yourself and your life to the fullest;

Be strong, Be positive, Smile, Take Chances, Worry less, and have Faith.

Love and Sunshine,

Paulina Mejia

The Trouble with “Natural Beauty”


tumblr_ni42kbIse21u8oyeuo2_500 An image from the Tree Change Dolls’ tumblr site

Today a friend sent me a link to a new trend that basically caused me to have a rage blackout: dolls that have been “made-under”. Labelled “Tree Change Dolls“, these are generally hyper-feminine styled dolls (such as Bratz) that have been found at op-shops and transformed through changing their hair, shoes, makeup styles and clothing, to look more normal and natural. In the words of their creator, Tree Change Dolls involve “swapping high-maintenance glitz ‘n’ glamour for down-to-earth style”.

But before you all rush off to procure a Tree Change Doll of your own, it’s worth unpacking what it means to “make-under” a doll. Is it more ethical (as the subtext of the Tree Change Dolls website would suggest) to have a doll adorned with the natural beauty look, rather than the hyper-feminine aesthetic more commonly seen? And why…

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Come on people! Where is our Humanity?

It is horrible and unnecessary for women in todays politics to be criticized harshly of such manner.

Here is an example of how Hillary Clinton (just for the fact that she has ran for president, is a headstrong woman in politics and perhaps is taking on the matter of campaigning for presidency once again with stronger confidence) is displayed as:

-Love and Sunshine


Let’s Progress America

Hello Again!



I apologize for such a delay today. it was a pretty hectic and motivating busy day today but am glad as well as enthusiastic to be blogging at this very moment; it was a bizarre and very outrageous moment in my Ethnic and Women’s Studies class today(EWS as mentioned before) and how we were wrapping up one of two of the films called, “Miss Representation,” (as mentioned before in my second blog ) and how it focused on women represented in today’s society as they are faced with struggles, criticism and a never ending satisfaction of the patriarchal society as well as with themselves. As the film was towards the middle to the end, it focused on women in today’s movie businesses, their role in government as well as the rise in the feminist movements, and one thing that intrigued me the most was not how the successes that these women had aimed to work so hard for but the harsh and unnecessary criticism that they faced from society overall. Women in today’s Hollywood scene (movie business) are faced with harsh decisions (in my opinion) in transforming and lying to themselves about their beauty. For example, Actress and Academy Award winner Jane Fonda was shown in Miss Representation and talks of how she first started out in her acting career; the first film she made called, “Tall story,” who was of course directed by Joshua Logan who asked Fonda to pull out her back teeth and to have her lose weight for the film. Woman director Catherine Hardwicke who was director of the film, “Twilight,” had complete success in her film, winning many awards and achieved positive criticism from the faithful Twilight fans as well as having the honor of being handpicked for directing Twilight by author and writer of the Twilight saga books Stephanie Meyer. As Twilight had complete and utter success, the next film was set in the making and Catherine Hardwicke was not picked again to direct but was replaced by Chris Weitz because producers felt the movie and the ongoing saga films should be directed by Men, who exactly filled the list of twenty-five spots with no women making the cut. Women in politics face the worse criticism overall and boy do I give them extreme props for dealing with these ignorant men in our government; Nancy Pelosi who was the first woman to take her position as Speaker of the House was harshly criticized not because of the poor or positive contribution’s given to society, but of the way she dressed, how she was supposedly accused of getting too much plastic surgery; John Boehner who had taken Pelosi’s spot after election, was published in more than five magazine articles, while Nancy was published in none with taking the title of being the first woman to take Speaker of the House (which is obviously now going to make its way into U.S. history books). While Senator Hilary Clinton was taking her aim to presidency in 2008, she was not criticized for her plans to change and progress America, but the way that she presented herself with attires of business suits and a sense of masculinity, which I feel that threatened many of the men In government and was the reason for her harsh criticism (also for the fact that she was a strong woman in politics). Many men had stated because of her successes in being a senator in New York, was for that fact that her husband had committed adultery and was the only reason why she was winning support in her presidential campaign; propaganda was displayed of Clinton as what they call her as a, “BITCH,” which is the most arrogant and lowest of the low that our society can be at, especially when the encouragement is framed by the patriarchal society that we are surrounded by today. For the fact that men today in our government, (not saying all the men and women as well) tear down the many successes of our women politicians today is simply pathetic and inevitable as well as being a waste of their breath. Lastly I focus on the rise of feminism during the Sixties time period to the age of Ronald Reagan which is solely the comeback of extreme conservatism in the U.S. As women began to win more rights from Title Nine to Equal Pay rights, the famous well known Republican Conservative Pat Robertson criticized and I quote, “The Feminist agenda is not about the equal rights for women. It is about a socialist. anti-family political movement that encourages to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witch craft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians,” which I believe is the most outrageous, stupidest and irrelevant accusation about women and their role on taking a bigger step in life for themselves in being independent. If Pat Robertson only knew what the real word of feminism even meant, (as it is hidden underneath the sheets of what our society has displayed it as women haters of men that like to burn their bras and wear absolutely no makeup which obviously means that were lesbian) then no arrogant and idiotic phrase would come out of his little mouth.

So let me leave you on this mark before I continue to keep rambling on how sensitive these three main areas are for women; first of all let me just say that I am in no prejudice in our men in government and that I simply and only stating an opinion of my own, second its makes me angry and disgusted that these so called, “educated Women and Men,” of our society can be so cruel and unfair to each other, that it leaves a troubling effect for later generations of our society to even take a place in actions of politics, business and feminism, Third of all, the point that I’m trying to make in this blog of discussion is not the complaints of our government but for the fact that we as a democratic society come to the question on how can we sponsor the act of fairness between the sexes and races if we don’t tend to show it at all in society and government? How and what can we do to fix and stop the ever growing numbers of hostility and criticism made against women on today’s society, and just simply accept that this is a new era, a progressive generation and that things are going to change whether this patriarchal society accepts it or not.

I invite all young and older women of today to simply take a reflection on what I’ve had to say and bring to you in this message, to simply ask yourselves, “Do I have the Courage and the ability to make a difference? To change the past to create a better future? To embrace the new and out with the Old?”

My answer to you would be yes, you do. You have the ability to change and leave an impact in today’s society and for future generations to come, to help change the arrogance and ignorance of people’s state of minds towards women and different races, and influence later generations to come as progressive, where women and different races of politics, business, and feminism are not judged for their appearance and the stereotypical ways society has influenced upon us, but allow them to see the true successes and achievements that these people have had on society today and that hopefully one day will inspire millions of younger to older women and men to do the same.

-Love and Sunshine,

Paulina Marie Mejia

January 21st, and a bit of My Words.

As I flip through the Spotify stations of ranging artists of Ashlee Simpson, Beyoncé, Amy Winehouse, to Britney Spears I can’t help to feel and express the many worries and concerns that I have had experienced all day at school today; From statistics to History to my women and men in today’s society to my last history class of the day, I have in mind of what was learned in my women and men in today’s society class. We watched two videos from the famous well known, “Killing us Softly 4,” by Gene Killbourne and the video, “Miss Representation,” by Jennifer Siebel Newsome, about the many troubles, worries and challenges that young girls to women face in today’s society. Now I’m not going to blabber on how society is the enemy for our society and how the ban for it must be met, but my naïve little mind had come to the realization of how important reformation within today’s society as well as social media outputs our gendered society of women and it is urgently needed. The problem we have today is not a new one discovered obviously, but is a problem that women have been dealing with since the age and birth of man; society and media shows us that to be beautiful and skinny is the right and only way for a woman to feel and do good about herself; she must wear makeup, wear dresses and display herself as a sexual object in order to meet up to her expectations, but the question is where did this projected fantasy of the kind of women come from? And why have we as women and young girls allow that to become the social and expected norm of ourselves?

As a young women fresh in high school, I felt uneasy where my place was and had no confidence in how I felt about myself; as young as a girl I was judged for my Jewish nose and how big it was, other kids would refer me as, “Pinocchio,” or the sesame street character, “Big Bird,” and it hurt like hell to be teased from not looking like every other normal pretty looking girl. I desperately wanted my nose to change and for my skin to be lighter because I felt that my nose was too big to be, “pretty,” and that I felt olive colored white skin was prettier than my dark latino skin. I had looked up to women in magazine such as model from Victoria secrets, “Adrianna Lima,” who had the perfect nose, skin, body and persona that I idled much. As I confronted my mom on how I wanted to be like her with her perfect nose, skin and body she told me something that had broken my ideal icon and yearning which was, “honey, Adrianna Lima doesn’t even look like that,” she was photo shopped more than ever and I was in no knowledge of it. I was in denial about it, so I began to look at more pictures of her and other models in particular and noticed how little and skinny they were and how irrelevant their bodies could to be and I knew that very day changed my whole perspective of how I looked up to these, “beautiful women,” in our societies as well as myself. I began to look and feel differently about myself, where I accepted my nose as being different from every other boring ideal woman from social media, I began to love my curves that I late developed in my high school years and accepted myself as a dark, curvy beautiful Latina with an ever growing confidence level, since all the other women in today’s society are fake to themselves. I watched in my EWS class today how and ever increasing number of young women are developing eating disorders, low self-esteems, and guilt for feeling, “ugly, disgusting and shameful,” about themselves and I feel that this a state of emergency for all women to take an act, an initiative in doing something about IT! We as women are pressured into being and looking skinny, beautiful and white in skin wise and this is the end of line because we as women are beautiful in our own way, born differently and handle things in certain ways and at the end of the day, it DOES NOT MATTER ON HOW WE LOOK, but for the FACT THAT WE HAVE GOOD WOKRING BRAINS TO GO OUT AND CREATE A LIFE FOR OURSELVES and that’s why we as women need to take a stand to society and their depiction of, “Beautiful Women,” and take matters into our own hands on how WE AS WOMEN SHOULD BE PRESENTED. To encourage our young women and even males of society to be strong, fierce, and beautiful about ourselves! That we can be women governors, acting politicians and even WOMEN President and that no one can stop us, but the only person that can is OURSELVES. Let’s wash the message of society on how women should be and create our own, to help and show the proper love of the millions of young girls and women that we are capable of achieving and doing anything we put our mind to! We are not sex objects women, we are strong, sophisticated, independent creatures of the world. We are ready to make a difference, to help the millions of women throughout the world, to change their perspective, to change the world, and change lives. Because we can, and we Will.

-Love and Sunshine,


Hello world!

Hello All!

I just wanted to say that this is my first blogging site that I have ever created and am so enthusiastic to give out my word, my sense of feedback on what I think of the world and its influence over our youth to adults and how we as a society can fix or reform on how things and ideas were taught to us as a social norm.

I am a second year at Cal Poly Pomona in California, and have aimed to major in women’s studies, and minor women’s studies. I am the first to attend college within my family and have come to realization that I want to better the world, to make a difference in it, as well as transform it into something that all people can and will be treated equally as well show them and the world that good hearted people still do exist. enough with my blabbering and introduction… Enjoy with what I bring to you and I hope I can inspire and influence you guys to do good things for the world!

love and sunshine,