Music: Friend or Foe?

Hello all!

I’m back again!

Homework, school, work, family, and friends have kept me away from my blogging and I apologize for that. But I am here to talk about something juicy and I feel means a lot to me.

Music has always been around for many generations and yet to come; it is an inspiration, a time where we can tune out life and its daily struggles, and a place where we can get lost in our very own world. Music inspires, encourages, and does many great things for people and the world and all I can say is… MUSIC IS LIFE.

But then again, I begin to rethink music and its purpose for us as a society whether it being a good or bad thing for our generation today and many generations to come. I am no one to criticize music or any type of music overall, but merely should feel entitled to what I have to bring about the situation.

In my ethnic and women’s studies class, my professor had shown us a very alarming but quite interesting piece on rap and hip hop music in today’s contemporary and cultural society on how it plays a roles in shaping masculinity amongst men called, “Beyond Beats and Rhymes.”; it comes quite as a shock to me on how rap and hip hop have played its roles in society today, and when I mean by roles, I mean it as bringing disadvantages to society and men overall. From what was rap and hip hop over twenty or thirty years ago, is in no comparison to what it is today; “Bitches, Fuck Bitches, Sluts, Whoes, Niggas, Pussy’s,” and the mentioning of killing or, “Busting a cap,” into other, “Niggas, Bitches,” is the message that much of the music has displayed.

Underground rappers and mainstream rappers today abide by these normality’s because of what one of the many underground rappers would say, “It’s what sells,” or that’s, “What the white folks want to hear.”

I find such comments discouraging amongst the music world, and it not be only the rap and hip hop culture but such degradation of one’s self worth, and objectifying such things on a negative stand point but becomes a most commonality amongst mainstream types of genres and my only question it be is, “Why?” From artist such as Britney spears in her 2011 song, “Criminal,” talks of a woman loving a man who is not good in terms for her boyfriend, due to the fact that he is what she calls, “a liar, a devil, and a bum with a tainted heart,” but despite all those factors and for the fact that she loves him, he will love her in return and will soon change whenever he feels like it; I feel like such messages displayed in the song, “Criminal,” encourages women that it is alright to wait around for such arrogance to turn Into positivity whenever the situation FEELS LIKE IT, which I feel is a completely horrible message to display to our young and older women today, including young girls.

Artist like Iggy Azalea in her song, “New Bitch,” talks of the character she displays in her song as the new girlfriend of man she is with, and how the competition of the ex-girlfriend is coming close to her; she states in her song,

“Tell your friends to tell their friends too

He got a new chick but it ain’t you

I’m just saying, you know it’s true

Cry a river and swim on through

I know you hoping we won’t make it

Clyde and Bonnie, let the world chase us

Ride or die where the world takes us

If we end up poor or rich and famous

I’m all he needs and more chick

His home chick

His tour chick

His 4th finger, left hand chick

And all those people go ‘Damn, chick’

As if it be a competition amongst women for the same guy? Like seriously Iggy?

THERE IS MORE FISH IN THE SEA! This is not how we would want society to label us as Bitches who compete for the same guy in coming to terms on who would be the better fit for him… The state of mind that all women should have, is for the fact that you are happy with yourself and who you are in being confident and successful, also should only be supported to the upmost potential by your partner and if he or she (yes I’m talking to you too men), then don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 🙂

And last but not my favorite AT ALL would be Big Sean’s, “I don’t fuck with you.” First of all, let me just post the most outrageous lyrics I have ever seen or heard:

[Hook – Big Sean:]

I don’t fuck with you

You little stupid ass bitch, I ain’t fuckin’ with you

You little dumb ass bitch, I ain’t fuckin’ with you

I got a million trillion things I’d rather fuckin’ do

Than to be fuckin’ with you

Little stupid ass, I don’t give a fuck

I don’t give a fuck, I don’t I don’t I don’t give a fuck

Bitch I don’t give a fuck about you or anything that you do

Don’t give a fuck about you or anything that you do

…… If he didn’t give a crap about anything that she does, why did he make a song about it then?

THE IRONY!!!!!!!

People… all I’m trying to say is why as a society are we allowing such things to happen? The degradation of women, men, and other person’s capabilities of being themselves?

As I now listen to music today and every day as I go forth, I will now analyze and listen to lyrics and their meaning rather than dance to the distracting beat of it to fully realize that something is wrong. In a world where violence and rape and killings are occurring every day, almost makes it twice as much horrible to hear of rapes, killing and violence within almost all songs.

Music is supposed to be a safe haven, where people can run away from their everyday lives, where all can be inspired to perform good will and deeds not only for themselves but for the world overall. Music is NOT supposed to have the messages of killings, rapes, violence, degradation of women, men, and other such people… Otherwise music would be no safe haven for anyone, but rather be a dangerous tool to the emotional and physical state of mind inflicted all over the world.

I encourage you all to raise awareness of it, despite the backlash and criticism you may receive.

Thank you all.

-Love and Sunshine,



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