Majority now be the Minority

Good evening all!

I was driving home in my car from school today, and was completely exhausted from a hard day of work… literally. I was thinking about the conversation I was having with a class mate today, and it had me thinking long and hard, to be honest it scared me a little bit as well. My classmate reminded me that almost the majority of the people and friends that she knew were in relationships, and that to her, “the singles,” were becoming the minority rather than being the majority. While I began to think about all the people I knew and were friends with, realized that perhaps what my classmate had said was true; most of all my friends, co-workers, family members and classmates all had significant others while three out of like a hundred (not really, something like fifteen or twenty) that I knew were single, I being the fourth one.

Now in my world, I see no problem of being single (especially if school and work are my boyfriends) but my worry is, in a world of the majority of people in relationships, will there be anybody left for the minority of singles out there? Or would we be stuck with the past men and women who linger in our lives and seem to not move on. I guess, the real question in that, would that be a bad thing for the minority of singles as well?

My answer would be NOOOOOOOOOO.

We as young men and women are given a time to only worry about the selfishness of ourselves, which there be nothing wrong with that; couples today I give major props to, I can barely manage time for myself after dealing with the two boyfriends (which be school and work) I have right now. But overall I feel that this be a critical time in our lives to figure out who and what we are meant for, and where we are to be in the future. Once that we figure it out, of course with the idea of having fun with people you care the most is important too, fate will take its turn in showing and placing the person who you are meant to be with in your life when the time is right..

My last words would probably be to not rush life to happen, but to simply enjoy it while young and youthful as you can be. To enjoy, friends, family, fun, and most importantly your freedom. But don’t lose hope completely on the whole dating life, but don’t settle for less because you’re scared that you won’t find anyone else either.

But overall your prince charming or princess is just as clueless as you are but is most definitely out there thinking the same thing of finding their happily ever after… they’re just depending on fate, time, and coincidence to work its magic…

As am I 🙂

Love and Sunshine,



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