Dear Future Boys/Men… and Girls/Women

Hello All!

I apologize for such a delay in my blogging; work, school, exams, Disneyland, old episodes of American Horror Story and movies like Bridget Jones Diary has kept me away from contemplating about life in blogging, and I apologize again for the delay 🙂

As I recall back from my Women and Men In today’s society class, we talked about the men in our today’s society and how unfortunate they are to be raised in a society where it’s not okay to be sensitive, to cry and to having to put up a front of masculinity whenever showing a sign of, “weakness.”

In reality, it’s such a displeasure to hear that maybe one day my little brother would be exposed to this kind of patriarchal state of mind, and would soon pass it on to his sons and daughters as well and that worries me every day. I wrote an essay for my class on how boys to young men in college fraternities (not all of them) are troubled assuming to take on the roles of everyday fraternity life of surrounding themselves with sex, drinking, partying and the consequences of sexual and rape abuse. As I mentioned, these young men feel the power and are empowered by performing such disturbing roles because it’s a sense of masculinity within them, that because of the fear of being called gay or feminine (which gives no excuse of hurting innocent women) is the reason on why they perform such horrible actions and an urgent call to attention of this matter is needed.

It’s not only the fraternities itself that permits these boys to perform horrible actions, but it’s the deep root of where they come from.

If we teach our boys from the very start, to love and respect themselves, women and the idea of equality throughout the world of race, sexuality, and the gender boundaries, then we will see the numbers decrease in aggression towards these categories.

If we teach our boys that it is okay to love, to show affection, to be themselves, and to respect and love those who are not like them, then I truly believe we can create a better and more beautifully state of mind for our future boys, rather than the ignorant one placed in them today.

I want my brother and future sons and, to not have such an ignorant mind of hurting women, believing that the world they live in is a, “man’s world,” and rather to believe that it’s okay to show affection, to love unconditionally and to respect the matter of women and everyone and everything else in the world. I want them to feel safe, to realize they are an equal of everyone else, that it’s okay to love whoever they want (whether they be gay, straight, transgendered, transsexual or any other name they call themselves), and to be whoever they want (same goes for my future daughters as well).

I want them to live in a world of harmony, equality, love, and strength; what kind of world do you want to live in for your future self, daughters and sons, and what will you do to make it happen?

Love and Sunshine,



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