Objectifying My Words/Calling for a Revolution!

Hello all!

This may be completely random and weird, but reading back to my blogs I have posted, I have noticed that I come off as a biased, complaining bitch who is not very fond of the male species… and OH MY GOODNESS DO I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT. That is not my goal of spreading my word around the world that biased women are bitches towards their treatment of inequality at some degrees, but my goal here is to spread awareness around the world on how man and woman are to be perceived, how they are to play their assigned gender roles and that whatever society tells us on how men and women are supposed to be and look like is a reform that IS URGENTLY NEEDED. I want to inspire young men and women/ older women and men to be aware of what is happening and that whatever it is, is that it needs to be changed quickly. I want to inspire you all to use your voice in helping of reshaping the world, and ridding the gender roles, gender barriers, inequality of all sexes and genders to stripping away discrimination of all races, sexes, and gender that OUR society as socially constructed within us ( if you believe in the same cause and feel that reformation is needed).

So I apologize for interpreting these messages incorrectly and will do my best on being objective yet obtain some passion and love for the subject; although I do have to say that I am a lover of men and gender/sex equality. men can deeply contribute to this revolution and am in no hate for them at all and appreciate some good things they have to bring to the table of bettering the world as a whole.

Overall, I hope to help contribute on this REVOLUTION of pushing equality for everyone and everything, not only because it is a movement that has been around for many years but also because it is the most humane, and just reason to do for our country and the world.

-Love and Sunshine,



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