Leadership screams out for more younger and older Women!

The two films, I’d have to say were truly and eye opener and had instilled in me the perseverance in changing this type of, “culture.” as I watched the two films, I felt disturbed, angered and shocked to see that young girls and women let the motion of society and media affect their way of living as well as their health and that something needs to be done about it. I saw how the media affects the way that young girls and women look at themselves today as, “ugly and disgusting,” in comparison to the skinny photo shopped women that they look up to, and how younger as well as older women tend to stay away from the idea of seeking leadership positions because they are taught that men can do it better and that women can have some kind of power but never too much over men; the idea that this very thought of this actually happening to women angers me to the core. We should help our young girls to be strong, fierce and independent, to separate themselves from the societal norm of skinny and photo shopped and inspire them to be leaders of conquest and independence, to reach a deep and self-confidence within their beauty of smarts and wits. To also teach them that not only men can run the country but that women have a role to play the part too.


what needs to be done won’t be easy at all in changing a culture that has been engraved in us from the dawns of time, but to start with a voice; blogging, social media and news is one way to use these resources properly, in raising awareness that this societal norm of skinny, photo shopped, dumb witted women who are afraid to open their eyes and use their voice won’t be normal anymore, that we have created awareness, and confidence within these women to not conform to society’s evil use of capitalism in hurting and degrading women, but that we have truly created a new and improved kind of beautiful culture where it is acceptable to be different from normal, that all peoples can govern and take leadership and that all peoples (including women) can feel beautiful, strong and independent in their own skin.


Perhaps the best question to answer is, “What should we do to encourage girls and young women to seek leadership positions?”

I hope you enjoyed such a random post 🙂

-Love and Sunshine,



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