Sorry for the delay in blogging lovelies!

Life has been hectic these past two days with work and school (A.K.A: five hours of homework per day) but today has been and odd but very inspirational day for myself.

As I worked my job today, (sales associate at Windsor) I had made over five hundred to six hundred dollars in sales, which means I had helped many customers purchase one hundred to two hundred dollars’ worth of clothing materials during my five hour shift and honestly I could care less if I black dotted or gold starred for the week, meaning my ass won’t get fired for being a shitty employee, but cared for the fact that I helped many people shop for the occasions they were attending. I helped these lovely older women who were shopping for a Gala in which one of them who presented themselves as masculine, and powered was actually one of the main managers who ran the gala and the other lady was a friend in which she did numerous interviews on and actually was the star of the night. They purchased one hundred to two hundred dollars’ worth of items and was inspired because the gala was actually for the word of Pomona Valley Hospital in California and the star of the night had open heart surgery. Now you’re probably asking why that inspired me, was only because this women had such a traumatic surgery performed on her, and she was the happiest, humblest, and hilarious woman that was glad to be alive (second to my grandmother).

I received an email today from a history professor claiming that an assignment I turned in that was due for the week didn’t meet the requirements (I talked too much in my essay) and received a grade that I was unhappy with, especially if it was a class that I was majoring in. I only say this story because life had seriously been hectic for myself these past two weeks and honestly it had affected me physically and emotionally to the point where it affected my schooling, which in my world of Paulina Mejia is unacceptable and dammit I needed to get my shit together.

This week is a new week and I had promised and challenged myself to stay focused in everything I believed in, to school, work, my family and friends and most importantly myself. Everyone has bad days and good days, challenges and weaknesses, it’s the only question of learning and getting back up from your fallen mistakes and kicking ass the next day.

The only person stopping you from doing is you, is yourself?

I challenge you all to tell yourself that this is a new week, and that the bad days are over and in the past. You have the right and power to start over new, to make changes within your lives and the world as well, and that no matter what you’re going through you are never alone and that you can overcome anything. I spoke of that older lady because she had gone through so much tougher shit than I had been going through and honestly she is as happy as can be to live another day.

Be thankful and grateful that you are living, and use your time, yourself and your life to the fullest;

Be strong, Be positive, Smile, Take Chances, Worry less, and have Faith.

Love and Sunshine,

Paulina Mejia


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