Dangerously in Love, how much is too much?

On January 23rd of 2015,

My best friend and I had made plans to hangout; I have known my Best friend for seven years, she has been the most incredible person to me and is truly like a sister to me. We went to middle school through high school together and went our separate ways in college, but manage to at least hangout once or twice a week if our schedules are not too hectic, but we have managed to stay sisters ever since.

We have dealt with the many bitches in our lives, the many men as well as dealing with the problems our private lives seem to throw at us, but we always, manage to be there for each other and support each other in whatever we do. As we hung out on Friday, we went to California Pizza Kitchen, which I highly recommend to try but sad to say that the prices are a bit too high for my taste, we discussed the many problems we face with boys at this very millennia.

As we discussed the ongoing cycles, frustrations, and emotional drainage we tend to experience with the same types of men (little boys) we deal with, I began to remember an episode from my most favorite series, “Sex and the City,” starring Sarah Jessica parker as Carrie Bradshaw (whom I love so much and worship, and that she is a downright amazing genius!) and Cynthia Nixon who plays one of Carries good friends as Miranda (whom I refer to as my best friend because the character just goes downright fabulous with her). Back to the episode, which was the episode finale of season two, where Carrie and Big (whom Carrie is in love with, but can’t seem to get his life together because he is unsure about relationships and only seems to care about himself) meet up again after their break up, where Big seems to surprise her with the news of getting engaged and married to a woman whose name is Natasha (who is half his age, more like 26 and has known her for only six months in comparison of knowing and dating Carrie for more than two years). Obviously, Carrie is heartbroken and is soothed by her companions with the idea of the movie of, “The Way We Were,” starring Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand who plays a very powerful couple with different point of views in life but are very mad in love, they soon separate and he then finds a very simple minded woman with not so high standards as well as a voice in comparison to Streisand’s character; The moral of the story is that Hubbell loved Streisand’s character but felt that it was too much to deal with because she was not passive and stood strongly to what she believed in as well as her morals, whereas he went with the other woman due to her simplicity and passiveness, and for the fact that she was easier to deal with. That is why Mr. Big decided to marry Natasha, because she was easy to deal with rather than Carrie who was just like Streisand’s character (strong willed, obtained a voice and set high standards).

I had come to the conclusion with my best friend that we are Carrie Bradshaw’s, because we have strong morals, high standards, are not passive, and we have a voice in everything we believe and do. The men we have had in our lives are Mr. Big’s, and although Carrie and Big get married in the, “Sex and the City,” movie after TEN YEARS, how much is too much when we deal with the John James Preston’s (Big) in our lives?

Should we have to wait ten years for these men to make up their minds in whether they want to be with us or not alike Carrie?

My answer is NO. For the women who are a different and newly improved Carrie Bradshaw’s (just like my best friend and I), who are strong willed, obtain a voice, and are beautiful for who they truly are (not saying Carrie Bradshaw was never any of those, because she was and is still fabulous) do not need to wait for a man, never the less to even have one in their lives. You have the love of your families, friends, loved ones, and yourself because that’s all and whoever you’re ever going to need. And if one day, a man (who knows what he wants) finds you and loves you for who you are and supports in everything you believe in, then God Bless you! Not every male on this planet is the douchebag like John James Preston (before he married Carrie), because there possibly is wonderful guys out there, I’m only speaking of the not so wonderful ones 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this. And I hope to not offend anyone at all with this specific blog.

Love and Sunshine,

Paulina Mejia


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