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I apologize for such a delay today. it was a pretty hectic and motivating busy day today but am glad as well as enthusiastic to be blogging at this very moment; it was a bizarre and very outrageous moment in my Ethnic and Women’s Studies class today(EWS as mentioned before) and how we were wrapping up one of two of the films called, “Miss Representation,” (as mentioned before in my second blog ) and how it focused on women represented in today’s society as they are faced with struggles, criticism and a never ending satisfaction of the patriarchal society as well as with themselves. As the film was towards the middle to the end, it focused on women in today’s movie businesses, their role in government as well as the rise in the feminist movements, and one thing that intrigued me the most was not how the successes that these women had aimed to work so hard for but the harsh and unnecessary criticism that they faced from society overall. Women in today’s Hollywood scene (movie business) are faced with harsh decisions (in my opinion) in transforming and lying to themselves about their beauty. For example, Actress and Academy Award winner Jane Fonda was shown in Miss Representation and talks of how she first started out in her acting career; the first film she made called, “Tall story,” who was of course directed by Joshua Logan who asked Fonda to pull out her back teeth and to have her lose weight for the film. Woman director Catherine Hardwicke who was director of the film, “Twilight,” had complete success in her film, winning many awards and achieved positive criticism from the faithful Twilight fans as well as having the honor of being handpicked for directing Twilight by author and writer of the Twilight saga books Stephanie Meyer. As Twilight had complete and utter success, the next film was set in the making and Catherine Hardwicke was not picked again to direct but was replaced by Chris Weitz because producers felt the movie and the ongoing saga films should be directed by Men, who exactly filled the list of twenty-five spots with no women making the cut. Women in politics face the worse criticism overall and boy do I give them extreme props for dealing with these ignorant men in our government; Nancy Pelosi who was the first woman to take her position as Speaker of the House was harshly criticized not because of the poor or positive contribution’s given to society, but of the way she dressed, how she was supposedly accused of getting too much plastic surgery; John Boehner who had taken Pelosi’s spot after election, was published in more than five magazine articles, while Nancy was published in none with taking the title of being the first woman to take Speaker of the House (which is obviously now going to make its way into U.S. history books). While Senator Hilary Clinton was taking her aim to presidency in 2008, she was not criticized for her plans to change and progress America, but the way that she presented herself with attires of business suits and a sense of masculinity, which I feel that threatened many of the men In government and was the reason for her harsh criticism (also for the fact that she was a strong woman in politics). Many men had stated because of her successes in being a senator in New York, was for that fact that her husband had committed adultery and was the only reason why she was winning support in her presidential campaign; propaganda was displayed of Clinton as what they call her as a, “BITCH,” which is the most arrogant and lowest of the low that our society can be at, especially when the encouragement is framed by the patriarchal society that we are surrounded by today. For the fact that men today in our government, (not saying all the men and women as well) tear down the many successes of our women politicians today is simply pathetic and inevitable as well as being a waste of their breath. Lastly I focus on the rise of feminism during the Sixties time period to the age of Ronald Reagan which is solely the comeback of extreme conservatism in the U.S. As women began to win more rights from Title Nine to Equal Pay rights, the famous well known Republican Conservative Pat Robertson criticized and I quote, “The Feminist agenda is not about the equal rights for women. It is about a socialist. anti-family political movement that encourages to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witch craft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians,” which I believe is the most outrageous, stupidest and irrelevant accusation about women and their role on taking a bigger step in life for themselves in being independent. If Pat Robertson only knew what the real word of feminism even meant, (as it is hidden underneath the sheets of what our society has displayed it as women haters of men that like to burn their bras and wear absolutely no makeup which obviously means that were lesbian) then no arrogant and idiotic phrase would come out of his little mouth.

So let me leave you on this mark before I continue to keep rambling on how sensitive these three main areas are for women; first of all let me just say that I am in no prejudice in our men in government and that I simply and only stating an opinion of my own, second its makes me angry and disgusted that these so called, “educated Women and Men,” of our society can be so cruel and unfair to each other, that it leaves a troubling effect for later generations of our society to even take a place in actions of politics, business and feminism, Third of all, the point that I’m trying to make in this blog of discussion is not the complaints of our government but for the fact that we as a democratic society come to the question on how can we sponsor the act of fairness between the sexes and races if we don’t tend to show it at all in society and government? How and what can we do to fix and stop the ever growing numbers of hostility and criticism made against women on today’s society, and just simply accept that this is a new era, a progressive generation and that things are going to change whether this patriarchal society accepts it or not.

I invite all young and older women of today to simply take a reflection on what I’ve had to say and bring to you in this message, to simply ask yourselves, “Do I have the Courage and the ability to make a difference? To change the past to create a better future? To embrace the new and out with the Old?”

My answer to you would be yes, you do. You have the ability to change and leave an impact in today’s society and for future generations to come, to help change the arrogance and ignorance of people’s state of minds towards women and different races, and influence later generations to come as progressive, where women and different races of politics, business, and feminism are not judged for their appearance and the stereotypical ways society has influenced upon us, but allow them to see the true successes and achievements that these people have had on society today and that hopefully one day will inspire millions of younger to older women and men to do the same.

-Love and Sunshine,

Paulina Marie Mejia


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