January 21st, and a bit of My Words.

As I flip through the Spotify stations of ranging artists of Ashlee Simpson, Beyoncé, Amy Winehouse, to Britney Spears I can’t help to feel and express the many worries and concerns that I have had experienced all day at school today; From statistics to History to my women and men in today’s society to my last history class of the day, I have in mind of what was learned in my women and men in today’s society class. We watched two videos from the famous well known, “Killing us Softly 4,” by Gene Killbourne and the video, “Miss Representation,” by Jennifer Siebel Newsome, about the many troubles, worries and challenges that young girls to women face in today’s society. Now I’m not going to blabber on how society is the enemy for our society and how the ban for it must be met, but my naïve little mind had come to the realization of how important reformation within today’s society as well as social media outputs our gendered society of women and it is urgently needed. The problem we have today is not a new one discovered obviously, but is a problem that women have been dealing with since the age and birth of man; society and media shows us that to be beautiful and skinny is the right and only way for a woman to feel and do good about herself; she must wear makeup, wear dresses and display herself as a sexual object in order to meet up to her expectations, but the question is where did this projected fantasy of the kind of women come from? And why have we as women and young girls allow that to become the social and expected norm of ourselves?

As a young women fresh in high school, I felt uneasy where my place was and had no confidence in how I felt about myself; as young as a girl I was judged for my Jewish nose and how big it was, other kids would refer me as, “Pinocchio,” or the sesame street character, “Big Bird,” and it hurt like hell to be teased from not looking like every other normal pretty looking girl. I desperately wanted my nose to change and for my skin to be lighter because I felt that my nose was too big to be, “pretty,” and that I felt olive colored white skin was prettier than my dark latino skin. I had looked up to women in magazine such as model from Victoria secrets, “Adrianna Lima,” who had the perfect nose, skin, body and persona that I idled much. As I confronted my mom on how I wanted to be like her with her perfect nose, skin and body she told me something that had broken my ideal icon and yearning which was, “honey, Adrianna Lima doesn’t even look like that,” she was photo shopped more than ever and I was in no knowledge of it. I was in denial about it, so I began to look at more pictures of her and other models in particular and noticed how little and skinny they were and how irrelevant their bodies could to be and I knew that very day changed my whole perspective of how I looked up to these, “beautiful women,” in our societies as well as myself. I began to look and feel differently about myself, where I accepted my nose as being different from every other boring ideal woman from social media, I began to love my curves that I late developed in my high school years and accepted myself as a dark, curvy beautiful Latina with an ever growing confidence level, since all the other women in today’s society are fake to themselves. I watched in my EWS class today how and ever increasing number of young women are developing eating disorders, low self-esteems, and guilt for feeling, “ugly, disgusting and shameful,” about themselves and I feel that this a state of emergency for all women to take an act, an initiative in doing something about IT! We as women are pressured into being and looking skinny, beautiful and white in skin wise and this is the end of line because we as women are beautiful in our own way, born differently and handle things in certain ways and at the end of the day, it DOES NOT MATTER ON HOW WE LOOK, but for the FACT THAT WE HAVE GOOD WOKRING BRAINS TO GO OUT AND CREATE A LIFE FOR OURSELVES and that’s why we as women need to take a stand to society and their depiction of, “Beautiful Women,” and take matters into our own hands on how WE AS WOMEN SHOULD BE PRESENTED. To encourage our young women and even males of society to be strong, fierce, and beautiful about ourselves! That we can be women governors, acting politicians and even WOMEN President and that no one can stop us, but the only person that can is OURSELVES. Let’s wash the message of society on how women should be and create our own, to help and show the proper love of the millions of young girls and women that we are capable of achieving and doing anything we put our mind to! We are not sex objects women, we are strong, sophisticated, independent creatures of the world. We are ready to make a difference, to help the millions of women throughout the world, to change their perspective, to change the world, and change lives. Because we can, and we Will.

-Love and Sunshine,



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