Hello world!

Hello All!

I just wanted to say that this is my first blogging site that I have ever created and am so enthusiastic to give out my word, my sense of feedback on what I think of the world and its influence over our youth to adults and how we as a society can fix or reform on how things and ideas were taught to us as a social norm.

I am a second year at Cal Poly Pomona in California, and have aimed to major in women’s studies, and minor women’s studies. I am the first to attend college within my family and have come to realization that I want to better the world, to make a difference in it, as well as transform it into something that all people can and will be treated equally as well show them and the world that good hearted people still do exist. enough with my blabbering and introduction… Enjoy with what I bring to you and I hope I can inspire and influence you guys to do good things for the world!

love and sunshine,



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