Music: Friend or Foe?

Hello all!

I’m back again!

Homework, school, work, family, and friends have kept me away from my blogging and I apologize for that. But I am here to talk about something juicy and I feel means a lot to me.

Music has always been around for many generations and yet to come; it is an inspiration, a time where we can tune out life and its daily struggles, and a place where we can get lost in our very own world. Music inspires, encourages, and does many great things for people and the world and all I can say is… MUSIC IS LIFE.

But then again, I begin to rethink music and its purpose for us as a society whether it being a good or bad thing for our generation today and many generations to come. I am no one to criticize music or any type of music overall, but merely should feel entitled to what I have to bring about the situation.

In my ethnic and women’s studies class, my professor had shown us a very alarming but quite interesting piece on rap and hip hop music in today’s contemporary and cultural society on how it plays a roles in shaping masculinity amongst men called, “Beyond Beats and Rhymes.”; it comes quite as a shock to me on how rap and hip hop have played its roles in society today, and when I mean by roles, I mean it as bringing disadvantages to society and men overall. From what was rap and hip hop over twenty or thirty years ago, is in no comparison to what it is today; “Bitches, Fuck Bitches, Sluts, Whoes, Niggas, Pussy’s,” and the mentioning of killing or, “Busting a cap,” into other, “Niggas, Bitches,” is the message that much of the music has displayed.

Underground rappers and mainstream rappers today abide by these normality’s because of what one of the many underground rappers would say, “It’s what sells,” or that’s, “What the white folks want to hear.”

I find such comments discouraging amongst the music world, and it not be only the rap and hip hop culture but such degradation of one’s self worth, and objectifying such things on a negative stand point but becomes a most commonality amongst mainstream types of genres and my only question it be is, “Why?” From artist such as Britney spears in her 2011 song, “Criminal,” talks of a woman loving a man who is not good in terms for her boyfriend, due to the fact that he is what she calls, “a liar, a devil, and a bum with a tainted heart,” but despite all those factors and for the fact that she loves him, he will love her in return and will soon change whenever he feels like it; I feel like such messages displayed in the song, “Criminal,” encourages women that it is alright to wait around for such arrogance to turn Into positivity whenever the situation FEELS LIKE IT, which I feel is a completely horrible message to display to our young and older women today, including young girls.

Artist like Iggy Azalea in her song, “New Bitch,” talks of the character she displays in her song as the new girlfriend of man she is with, and how the competition of the ex-girlfriend is coming close to her; she states in her song,

“Tell your friends to tell their friends too

He got a new chick but it ain’t you

I’m just saying, you know it’s true

Cry a river and swim on through

I know you hoping we won’t make it

Clyde and Bonnie, let the world chase us

Ride or die where the world takes us

If we end up poor or rich and famous

I’m all he needs and more chick

His home chick

His tour chick

His 4th finger, left hand chick

And all those people go ‘Damn, chick’

As if it be a competition amongst women for the same guy? Like seriously Iggy?

THERE IS MORE FISH IN THE SEA! This is not how we would want society to label us as Bitches who compete for the same guy in coming to terms on who would be the better fit for him… The state of mind that all women should have, is for the fact that you are happy with yourself and who you are in being confident and successful, also should only be supported to the upmost potential by your partner and if he or she (yes I’m talking to you too men), then don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 🙂

And last but not my favorite AT ALL would be Big Sean’s, “I don’t fuck with you.” First of all, let me just post the most outrageous lyrics I have ever seen or heard:

[Hook – Big Sean:]

I don’t fuck with you

You little stupid ass bitch, I ain’t fuckin’ with you

You little dumb ass bitch, I ain’t fuckin’ with you

I got a million trillion things I’d rather fuckin’ do

Than to be fuckin’ with you

Little stupid ass, I don’t give a fuck

I don’t give a fuck, I don’t I don’t I don’t give a fuck

Bitch I don’t give a fuck about you or anything that you do

Don’t give a fuck about you or anything that you do

…… If he didn’t give a crap about anything that she does, why did he make a song about it then?

THE IRONY!!!!!!!

People… all I’m trying to say is why as a society are we allowing such things to happen? The degradation of women, men, and other person’s capabilities of being themselves?

As I now listen to music today and every day as I go forth, I will now analyze and listen to lyrics and their meaning rather than dance to the distracting beat of it to fully realize that something is wrong. In a world where violence and rape and killings are occurring every day, almost makes it twice as much horrible to hear of rapes, killing and violence within almost all songs.

Music is supposed to be a safe haven, where people can run away from their everyday lives, where all can be inspired to perform good will and deeds not only for themselves but for the world overall. Music is NOT supposed to have the messages of killings, rapes, violence, degradation of women, men, and other such people… Otherwise music would be no safe haven for anyone, but rather be a dangerous tool to the emotional and physical state of mind inflicted all over the world.

I encourage you all to raise awareness of it, despite the backlash and criticism you may receive.

Thank you all.

-Love and Sunshine,


Salted Wound -Sia

Cause girl you’re perfect

You’re always worth it

The way you work it

Cause girl you earned it

Girl you earned it

-Earned it, The Weekend (From the Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack)

Hello all!!!

Oh my goodness how I apologize for such a late blog; eleven days seems like a work load of days in which I totally give no bluff that work and school have taken over my life, sanity and dignity proud fully.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, and a fabulous Valentine’s Day! The most looked forward to holiday in which couples can show their true significance and love for their partner, twice and perhaps five times as much more than usual.

Then you have the single people, who use this day to show that they have no significant other but show off their amazing friends and charisma for being SINGLE.

Neither side is bad at all, I truly support all the couples in what they have celebrated with their significant other, giving their ideal love of gifts, food, the S word and lastly their eternal devotion to each other, whereas the single people (like me and my best friend) used the day to have a fabulous spa night the night before, achieved in having a fabulous sleepover, woke up the next day to dress in our fabulous attire for the fact that we have to look fabulous (because its only our nature to do so), watch a fabulous romance-sex-filled movie at the fabulous movie theaters, then lastly stuff our faces with the fabulous food from the fabulous, “RESTURAUNT,” In-N-Out.

Yes…. Guilty of it, my best friend and I attended the 12:40 PM showing of Fifty Shades of Grey in which I have to say was a fabulous movie overall and could really care less of what critiques need to say about it. I believed both characters of Christian and Anastasia, and who could not say that no one loved the steamy hot romantic connection between the characters?

To be honest as well, I have not stopped listening to the Spotify stations of the Fifty Shades of Grey, and strongly recommend to all of you, that you need to please listen to it now…. Like right now…

At this very moment, because it’s just fabulous!

Winter quarter is coming to an end for my second year of college, and can only say that these past seven weeks have brought me so much stress, anxiety, happiness and courageousness (IF YOU ARE IN COLLEGE, YOU KNOW WHAT THE HELL I AM TALKING ABOUT); determination and perseverance have kept me flowing in this river of success in my future, and only aim to keep flowing with it.

I feel although, that through this period of time, the time to be on your own (if not in a relationship, if so then that’s fine too), in figuring out who you are as a person, to sustain that sense of persona and use it for the greater well-being of yourself and future. In using this time to find your voice, to stand up for what you believe in, and change the world for the betterment of future generations as well.

I apologize if I sound so repetitive at times, but I stress these ideas because for the fact that it can and will make the world and yourself a better place/self;

There are still fabulous people like us on the earth, we just have to use this fabulousness to make the earth better.

Overall, how fabulous this day was, for the fact that fabulous doesn’t even cover the many blessings I have in my life; without my family, friends, work, school and the Lord, I wouldn’t know where I would be actually? Remember the many blessings and love you feel and surround you, never take advantage of it…


Paulina 🙂

Majority now be the Minority

Good evening all!

I was driving home in my car from school today, and was completely exhausted from a hard day of work… literally. I was thinking about the conversation I was having with a class mate today, and it had me thinking long and hard, to be honest it scared me a little bit as well. My classmate reminded me that almost the majority of the people and friends that she knew were in relationships, and that to her, “the singles,” were becoming the minority rather than being the majority. While I began to think about all the people I knew and were friends with, realized that perhaps what my classmate had said was true; most of all my friends, co-workers, family members and classmates all had significant others while three out of like a hundred (not really, something like fifteen or twenty) that I knew were single, I being the fourth one.

Now in my world, I see no problem of being single (especially if school and work are my boyfriends) but my worry is, in a world of the majority of people in relationships, will there be anybody left for the minority of singles out there? Or would we be stuck with the past men and women who linger in our lives and seem to not move on. I guess, the real question in that, would that be a bad thing for the minority of singles as well?

My answer would be NOOOOOOOOOO.

We as young men and women are given a time to only worry about the selfishness of ourselves, which there be nothing wrong with that; couples today I give major props to, I can barely manage time for myself after dealing with the two boyfriends (which be school and work) I have right now. But overall I feel that this be a critical time in our lives to figure out who and what we are meant for, and where we are to be in the future. Once that we figure it out, of course with the idea of having fun with people you care the most is important too, fate will take its turn in showing and placing the person who you are meant to be with in your life when the time is right..

My last words would probably be to not rush life to happen, but to simply enjoy it while young and youthful as you can be. To enjoy, friends, family, fun, and most importantly your freedom. But don’t lose hope completely on the whole dating life, but don’t settle for less because you’re scared that you won’t find anyone else either.

But overall your prince charming or princess is just as clueless as you are but is most definitely out there thinking the same thing of finding their happily ever after… they’re just depending on fate, time, and coincidence to work its magic…

As am I 🙂

Love and Sunshine,


Dear Future Boys/Men… and Girls/Women

Hello All!

I apologize for such a delay in my blogging; work, school, exams, Disneyland, old episodes of American Horror Story and movies like Bridget Jones Diary has kept me away from contemplating about life in blogging, and I apologize again for the delay 🙂

As I recall back from my Women and Men In today’s society class, we talked about the men in our today’s society and how unfortunate they are to be raised in a society where it’s not okay to be sensitive, to cry and to having to put up a front of masculinity whenever showing a sign of, “weakness.”

In reality, it’s such a displeasure to hear that maybe one day my little brother would be exposed to this kind of patriarchal state of mind, and would soon pass it on to his sons and daughters as well and that worries me every day. I wrote an essay for my class on how boys to young men in college fraternities (not all of them) are troubled assuming to take on the roles of everyday fraternity life of surrounding themselves with sex, drinking, partying and the consequences of sexual and rape abuse. As I mentioned, these young men feel the power and are empowered by performing such disturbing roles because it’s a sense of masculinity within them, that because of the fear of being called gay or feminine (which gives no excuse of hurting innocent women) is the reason on why they perform such horrible actions and an urgent call to attention of this matter is needed.

It’s not only the fraternities itself that permits these boys to perform horrible actions, but it’s the deep root of where they come from.

If we teach our boys from the very start, to love and respect themselves, women and the idea of equality throughout the world of race, sexuality, and the gender boundaries, then we will see the numbers decrease in aggression towards these categories.

If we teach our boys that it is okay to love, to show affection, to be themselves, and to respect and love those who are not like them, then I truly believe we can create a better and more beautifully state of mind for our future boys, rather than the ignorant one placed in them today.

I want my brother and future sons and, to not have such an ignorant mind of hurting women, believing that the world they live in is a, “man’s world,” and rather to believe that it’s okay to show affection, to love unconditionally and to respect the matter of women and everyone and everything else in the world. I want them to feel safe, to realize they are an equal of everyone else, that it’s okay to love whoever they want (whether they be gay, straight, transgendered, transsexual or any other name they call themselves), and to be whoever they want (same goes for my future daughters as well).

I want them to live in a world of harmony, equality, love, and strength; what kind of world do you want to live in for your future self, daughters and sons, and what will you do to make it happen?

Love and Sunshine,


Objectifying My Words/Calling for a Revolution!

Hello all!

This may be completely random and weird, but reading back to my blogs I have posted, I have noticed that I come off as a biased, complaining bitch who is not very fond of the male species… and OH MY GOODNESS DO I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT. That is not my goal of spreading my word around the world that biased women are bitches towards their treatment of inequality at some degrees, but my goal here is to spread awareness around the world on how man and woman are to be perceived, how they are to play their assigned gender roles and that whatever society tells us on how men and women are supposed to be and look like is a reform that IS URGENTLY NEEDED. I want to inspire young men and women/ older women and men to be aware of what is happening and that whatever it is, is that it needs to be changed quickly. I want to inspire you all to use your voice in helping of reshaping the world, and ridding the gender roles, gender barriers, inequality of all sexes and genders to stripping away discrimination of all races, sexes, and gender that OUR society as socially constructed within us ( if you believe in the same cause and feel that reformation is needed).

So I apologize for interpreting these messages incorrectly and will do my best on being objective yet obtain some passion and love for the subject; although I do have to say that I am a lover of men and gender/sex equality. men can deeply contribute to this revolution and am in no hate for them at all and appreciate some good things they have to bring to the table of bettering the world as a whole.

Overall, I hope to help contribute on this REVOLUTION of pushing equality for everyone and everything, not only because it is a movement that has been around for many years but also because it is the most humane, and just reason to do for our country and the world.

-Love and Sunshine,


If I Had a Dollar (Why I Am a Feminist)

girl in the hat

image courtesy Devil Doll image courtesy Devil Doll

Because my mother was a painter and a beauty when artists had patrons and a woman like that needed a man to take care of her, so she married a money man.

Because my mother’s mother was a beauty and her mother was, too, and that’s what people said: “She was a beautiful woman,” as if that was the only remarkable thing.

Because I was born in 1966, the year Betty Friedan and others started the National Organization of Women and challenged an industry which required flight attendants to quit if they got married, pregnant, or reached the age of 32.

Because when my mother had me, she stopped painting and started cleaning house and throwing dinner parties and smoking too many cigarettes and crying in the mirror.

Because my mother never told me that I looked pretty because she did not want me to grow…

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Leadership screams out for more younger and older Women!

The two films, I’d have to say were truly and eye opener and had instilled in me the perseverance in changing this type of, “culture.” as I watched the two films, I felt disturbed, angered and shocked to see that young girls and women let the motion of society and media affect their way of living as well as their health and that something needs to be done about it. I saw how the media affects the way that young girls and women look at themselves today as, “ugly and disgusting,” in comparison to the skinny photo shopped women that they look up to, and how younger as well as older women tend to stay away from the idea of seeking leadership positions because they are taught that men can do it better and that women can have some kind of power but never too much over men; the idea that this very thought of this actually happening to women angers me to the core. We should help our young girls to be strong, fierce and independent, to separate themselves from the societal norm of skinny and photo shopped and inspire them to be leaders of conquest and independence, to reach a deep and self-confidence within their beauty of smarts and wits. To also teach them that not only men can run the country but that women have a role to play the part too.


what needs to be done won’t be easy at all in changing a culture that has been engraved in us from the dawns of time, but to start with a voice; blogging, social media and news is one way to use these resources properly, in raising awareness that this societal norm of skinny, photo shopped, dumb witted women who are afraid to open their eyes and use their voice won’t be normal anymore, that we have created awareness, and confidence within these women to not conform to society’s evil use of capitalism in hurting and degrading women, but that we have truly created a new and improved kind of beautiful culture where it is acceptable to be different from normal, that all peoples can govern and take leadership and that all peoples (including women) can feel beautiful, strong and independent in their own skin.


Perhaps the best question to answer is, “What should we do to encourage girls and young women to seek leadership positions?”

I hope you enjoyed such a random post 🙂

-Love and Sunshine,


Dangerously in Love, how much is too much?

On January 23rd of 2015,

My best friend and I had made plans to hangout; I have known my Best friend for seven years, she has been the most incredible person to me and is truly like a sister to me. We went to middle school through high school together and went our separate ways in college, but manage to at least hangout once or twice a week if our schedules are not too hectic, but we have managed to stay sisters ever since.

We have dealt with the many bitches in our lives, the many men as well as dealing with the problems our private lives seem to throw at us, but we always, manage to be there for each other and support each other in whatever we do. As we hung out on Friday, we went to California Pizza Kitchen, which I highly recommend to try but sad to say that the prices are a bit too high for my taste, we discussed the many problems we face with boys at this very millennia.

As we discussed the ongoing cycles, frustrations, and emotional drainage we tend to experience with the same types of men (little boys) we deal with, I began to remember an episode from my most favorite series, “Sex and the City,” starring Sarah Jessica parker as Carrie Bradshaw (whom I love so much and worship, and that she is a downright amazing genius!) and Cynthia Nixon who plays one of Carries good friends as Miranda (whom I refer to as my best friend because the character just goes downright fabulous with her). Back to the episode, which was the episode finale of season two, where Carrie and Big (whom Carrie is in love with, but can’t seem to get his life together because he is unsure about relationships and only seems to care about himself) meet up again after their break up, where Big seems to surprise her with the news of getting engaged and married to a woman whose name is Natasha (who is half his age, more like 26 and has known her for only six months in comparison of knowing and dating Carrie for more than two years). Obviously, Carrie is heartbroken and is soothed by her companions with the idea of the movie of, “The Way We Were,” starring Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand who plays a very powerful couple with different point of views in life but are very mad in love, they soon separate and he then finds a very simple minded woman with not so high standards as well as a voice in comparison to Streisand’s character; The moral of the story is that Hubbell loved Streisand’s character but felt that it was too much to deal with because she was not passive and stood strongly to what she believed in as well as her morals, whereas he went with the other woman due to her simplicity and passiveness, and for the fact that she was easier to deal with. That is why Mr. Big decided to marry Natasha, because she was easy to deal with rather than Carrie who was just like Streisand’s character (strong willed, obtained a voice and set high standards).

I had come to the conclusion with my best friend that we are Carrie Bradshaw’s, because we have strong morals, high standards, are not passive, and we have a voice in everything we believe and do. The men we have had in our lives are Mr. Big’s, and although Carrie and Big get married in the, “Sex and the City,” movie after TEN YEARS, how much is too much when we deal with the John James Preston’s (Big) in our lives?

Should we have to wait ten years for these men to make up their minds in whether they want to be with us or not alike Carrie?

My answer is NO. For the women who are a different and newly improved Carrie Bradshaw’s (just like my best friend and I), who are strong willed, obtain a voice, and are beautiful for who they truly are (not saying Carrie Bradshaw was never any of those, because she was and is still fabulous) do not need to wait for a man, never the less to even have one in their lives. You have the love of your families, friends, loved ones, and yourself because that’s all and whoever you’re ever going to need. And if one day, a man (who knows what he wants) finds you and loves you for who you are and supports in everything you believe in, then God Bless you! Not every male on this planet is the douchebag like John James Preston (before he married Carrie), because there possibly is wonderful guys out there, I’m only speaking of the not so wonderful ones 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this. And I hope to not offend anyone at all with this specific blog.

Love and Sunshine,

Paulina Mejia


Sorry for the delay in blogging lovelies!

Life has been hectic these past two days with work and school (A.K.A: five hours of homework per day) but today has been and odd but very inspirational day for myself.

As I worked my job today, (sales associate at Windsor) I had made over five hundred to six hundred dollars in sales, which means I had helped many customers purchase one hundred to two hundred dollars’ worth of clothing materials during my five hour shift and honestly I could care less if I black dotted or gold starred for the week, meaning my ass won’t get fired for being a shitty employee, but cared for the fact that I helped many people shop for the occasions they were attending. I helped these lovely older women who were shopping for a Gala in which one of them who presented themselves as masculine, and powered was actually one of the main managers who ran the gala and the other lady was a friend in which she did numerous interviews on and actually was the star of the night. They purchased one hundred to two hundred dollars’ worth of items and was inspired because the gala was actually for the word of Pomona Valley Hospital in California and the star of the night had open heart surgery. Now you’re probably asking why that inspired me, was only because this women had such a traumatic surgery performed on her, and she was the happiest, humblest, and hilarious woman that was glad to be alive (second to my grandmother).

I received an email today from a history professor claiming that an assignment I turned in that was due for the week didn’t meet the requirements (I talked too much in my essay) and received a grade that I was unhappy with, especially if it was a class that I was majoring in. I only say this story because life had seriously been hectic for myself these past two weeks and honestly it had affected me physically and emotionally to the point where it affected my schooling, which in my world of Paulina Mejia is unacceptable and dammit I needed to get my shit together.

This week is a new week and I had promised and challenged myself to stay focused in everything I believed in, to school, work, my family and friends and most importantly myself. Everyone has bad days and good days, challenges and weaknesses, it’s the only question of learning and getting back up from your fallen mistakes and kicking ass the next day.

The only person stopping you from doing is you, is yourself?

I challenge you all to tell yourself that this is a new week, and that the bad days are over and in the past. You have the right and power to start over new, to make changes within your lives and the world as well, and that no matter what you’re going through you are never alone and that you can overcome anything. I spoke of that older lady because she had gone through so much tougher shit than I had been going through and honestly she is as happy as can be to live another day.

Be thankful and grateful that you are living, and use your time, yourself and your life to the fullest;

Be strong, Be positive, Smile, Take Chances, Worry less, and have Faith.

Love and Sunshine,

Paulina Mejia

The Trouble with “Natural Beauty”


tumblr_ni42kbIse21u8oyeuo2_500 An image from the Tree Change Dolls’ tumblr site

Today a friend sent me a link to a new trend that basically caused me to have a rage blackout: dolls that have been “made-under”. Labelled “Tree Change Dolls“, these are generally hyper-feminine styled dolls (such as Bratz) that have been found at op-shops and transformed through changing their hair, shoes, makeup styles and clothing, to look more normal and natural. In the words of their creator, Tree Change Dolls involve “swapping high-maintenance glitz ‘n’ glamour for down-to-earth style”.

But before you all rush off to procure a Tree Change Doll of your own, it’s worth unpacking what it means to “make-under” a doll. Is it more ethical (as the subtext of the Tree Change Dolls website would suggest) to have a doll adorned with the natural beauty look, rather than the hyper-feminine aesthetic more commonly seen? And why…

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